About this product

The Gasket (#81272-24010), a crucial electrical part of the Rear License Plate Lamp system in Toyota vehicles, plays a pivotal role in sealing and preventing any leakage of electrical current. During operation, it ensures the smooth and efficient functionality of the lamp system, working harmoniously with other components. Genuine Toyota Gasket (#81272-24010)s are designed for maximum compatibility, thereby contributing to the overall performance of your vehicle. Periodic replacement of the Gasket (#81272-24010) is critical, as an aged or malfunctioning part could lead to electrical leakages, affecting the optimal functioning of the lamp system. Genuine Toyota parts are backed by a robust warranty, offering reliability and peace of mind. By maintaining the efficient operation of the Rear License Plate Lamp system, the Gasket (#81272-24010) also ensures visibility and safety. Therefore, it’s not just a part; it's a commitment to safety and efficiency from Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81272-24010

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