Air Surge Tank To Int Manifold Gasket

About this product

The Air Surge Tank To Int Manifold Gasket (#17176-46030), a key component in the Manifold system, plays a critical role in sealing the junction between the air surge tank and the intake manifold of your engine. This Engine-Fuel part facilitates optimal air-fuel mixture by preventing air leakages, thus ensuring smooth engine performance. As with all parts, the gasket may deteriorate over time, becoming less effective or even failing. This can result in air leaks, which can lead to an imbalanced air-fuel mixture, poor engine performance, and decreased fuel efficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement of the gasket is crucial to maintain the system's efficiency. As a genuine part, the Air Surge Tank To Int Manifold Gasket (#17176-46030) is designed with Toyota's precision engineering for perfect fit and performance. Furthermore, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs it, offering peace of mind with every purchase.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17176-46030

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