Air Tube Gasket #1

About this product

The Air Tube Gasket #1 (#17376-38020), a crucial component of the Engine-Fuel category, is positioned within the Manifold Air Injection System. Its primary role is to create a seal between the air tube and the exhaust manifold, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal system performance. This component is assembled from authentic materials and precision engineered for vehicle compatibility, a hallmark of Toyota's genuine parts. As part of Toyota's commitment to quality, the Air Tube Gasket #1 (#17376-38020) is covered by the genuine parts warranty. Just like any other auto part, the Air Tube Gasket #1 (#17376-38020) requires occasional replacement. An aged or malfunctioning gasket could lead to air leakage, causing inefficient operation of the engine and potentially significant damage. In summary, the Air Tube Gasket #1 (#17376-38020) is instrumental in maintaining the overall efficiency of the Manifold Air Injection System, contributing to the engine's optimal performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17376-38020

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