Exhaust Gas Regulation Inlet Gasket

About this product

The Exhaust Gas Regulation Inlet Gasket (#25628-25010), an essential engine-fuel part in Toyota's Exhaust Gas Recirculation System, plays a crucial role in managing the engine's emissions. As part of its operation, it creates a seal to prevent exhaust gases from leaking out of the system, contributing to reduced pollution and improved engine efficiency. Over time, this gasket may deteriorate or become clogged, causing potential leaks and increasing emissions. Regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts is essential for maintaining compatibility with your vehicle and overall system efficiency. These genuine parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering peace of mind. The proper functioning of the Exhaust Gas Regulation Inlet Gasket (#25628-25010) significantly enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the exhaust system, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and efficient vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 25628-25010

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