Headlamp Body Gasket Right Hand

About this product

The Headlamp Body Gasket Right Hand (#81134-0T010), an electrical part of Toyota's Headlamp system, plays a critical role in maintaining the watertight integrity of the headlamp assembly. As an intermediary between the headlamp's body and the lens, the gasket prevents moisture, dust, and other particulates from intruding and disrupting the proper function of the headlamp. The gasket's role is paramount; if broken or old, it may allow moisture to seep into the headlamp system, which can lead to visible condensation, dimming, or even complete failure of the unit. Genuine Toyota Headlamp Body Gasket Right Hand (#81134-0T010)s are specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle, offering optimal fit and performance. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, these gaskets contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of the headlamp system, ensuring clear and reliable illumination in all driving conditions. Regular replacement of this part is recommended to maintain impeccable headlamp performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81134-0T010

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