Heater Pipe Gasket

About this product

The Heater Pipe Gasket (#17175-72011), a crucial part of the Electrical Heating & Air Conditioning - Water Piping system, the Engine-Fuel Radiator & Water Outlet system, and the Engine-Fuel Timing Gear Cover & Rear End Plate system, plays a pivotal role in sealing the connection points in these systems, preventing leaks and maintaining optimal system performance. It functions by forming a pressure-tight seal between the heater pipe and its connecting parts. Over time, this gasket may wear out, leading to leaks that can cause a loss of coolant, engine overheating, and decreased system efficiency. Regular replacement of the Heater Pipe Gasket (#17175-72011), particularly with genuine Toyota parts, helps maintain compatibility and system integrity. Notably, these genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the Heater Pipe Gasket (#17175-72011) contributes to overall system efficiency and safety, helping ensure your vehicle operates at peak performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 17175-72010
Part Number 17175-72011

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