Automatic Trasmission Gasket Kit

About this product

The Automatic Transmission Gasket Kit, a critical component in the Transaxle or Transmission Assembly and Gasket Kit (Automatic Transmission) system, plays a vital role in maintaining the transmission's efficient operation. This Drive-Chassis part forms a tight seal between the transmission's various components, preventing the leakage of transmission fluid. Genuine Toyota parts like this enhance vehicular compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty for added peace of mind. However, over time, the gasket kit may become worn or damaged, potentially leading to leaks that can impair transmission functionality and vehicle performance. Regular replacement is necessary to maintain optimal transmission operation and overall vehicle efficiency. This component's critical role in maintaining fluid integrity significantly contributes to the system's safety and efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04351-12260
Part Number 04351-12490

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