Automatic Transaxle Gasket Kit

About this product

The Automatic Transaxle Gasket Kit (#04351-52040), a crucial component in the Drive-Chassis, plays a significant role in the Transaxle or Transmission Assy & Gasket Kit system. This part's primary function is to create a tight seal between different components of the transmission system to prevent leaks of transmission fluid. Genuine Toyota parts like this are essential for vehicle compatibility and supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The kit requires periodic replacement. As it ages, the gasket can wear down, leading to leaks which could damage the transmission system or cause it to fail. A properly functioning Automatic Transaxle Gasket Kit (#04351-52040) maintains the overall efficiency of the transmission system, ensuring a smooth and reliable drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04351-12190
Part Number 04351-52040

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