Oil Seal Retainer Gasket

About this product

A crucial component in your car's Timing Gear Cover & Rear End Plate system is the Toyota Oil Seal Retainer Gasket (#11383-88381). It primarily serves to prevent the leakage of oil, thus maintaining optimal oil pressure within the engine. This gasket operates by sealing off the area between the oil seal retainer and the engine block, allowing the engine to run smoothly while under operation. Should this part become old or broken, the seal can fail, leading to oil leaks. This not only reduces engine efficiency but can also lead to damage due to inadequate lubrication. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Oil Seal Retainer Gasket (#11383-88381) is necessary to maintain the high performance of your engine. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement enhances vehicle compatibility and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, the Oil Seal Retainer Gasket (#11383-88381) is essential for the overall efficiency and safety of your engine, making it a vital component in your vehicle's maintenance routine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 11383-88380
Part Number 11383-88381

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