Pipe Gasket

About this product

The Pipe Gasket (#25634-75010), a crucial part of Toyota's Engine-Fuel Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Manifold systems, plays an essential role in sealing the connection between different component parts to prevent leakage. As the system operates, it ensures that no exhaust gases escape into the environment before they are properly processed and cooled. Genuine Toyota Pipe Gasket (#25634-75010)s, specifically designed for vehicle compatibility, are covered by Toyota's parts warranty. Over time, these gaskets may become worn or clogged. If neglected, a faulty gasket could lead to leaks or ruptures, causing potential damage to the engine and increasing environmental pollution. By maintaining a robust and efficient seal within the system, the Pipe Gasket (#25634-75010) contributes significantly to the vehicle's overall performance and emission control, thereby enhancing both system efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 25634-75010

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