Rear Body Tail Gate Assembly

About this product

The Rear Body Tail Gate Assembly (#65700-0C060), a key component in the Rear Body Guard Frame & Tail Gate system, serves a critical role in your Toyota vehicle. This assembly is crucial for the proper opening and closing of the tailgate, facilitating easy loading and unloading of cargo. Composed of various components such as the tailgate handle, latch, and hinges, it requires periodic replacement to maintain its functionality. Genuine parts are crucial for compatibility and are supported by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. Should this assembly become old or damaged, it could lead to difficulties in accessing the cargo area, or worse, an insecure latch could cause the tailgate to open unexpectedly during transit, endangering road safety. Regular replacement of this essential part enhances both the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 65700-0C060

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