Rear Body Tail Gate Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Rear Body Tail Gate Sub-Assembly (#65701-0C010), an essential part of the Rear Body Guard Frame & Tail Gate system, plays a critical role in the operation of your Toyota vehicle. This component facilitates the opening and closing of the rear gate, providing access to the cargo area. It is composed of multiple parts including the latch mechanism, hinges, and the physical tailgate structure itself. As time passes, this assembly may deteriorate or become damaged, impacting its functionality and potentially the safety of your vehicle. A non-functional tailgate could lead to an inability to securely close the cargo area, increasing the risk of cargo loss or damage. Opting for genuine Toyota parts aids in maintaining vehicle compatibility and performance. Additionally, Toyota's genuine parts come with a warranty, offering further peace of mind. Overall, the Rear Body Tail Gate Sub-Assembly (#65701-0C010) contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle, ensuring you can reliably transport cargo when needed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 65701-0C010

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