Driven Gear

About this product

The Driven Gear (#33403-69065), a key component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Speedometer systems, plays a crucial role by transferring power from the drive gear to facilitate the vehicle's movement. Whether utilized within an automatic or manual transmission system, its function remains pivotal. The Driven Gear (#33403-69065) interacts with other transmission components to achieve this transfer of power. The necessity for the periodic replacement of this auto part cannot be overstated. A worn-out or broken gear can lead to serious transmission issues, disrupting the system's operations. Using genuine Toyota parts, which are specifically designed for vehicle compatibility and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, can prevent such issues. Moreover, a well-functioning Driven Gear (#33403-69065) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the vehicle's transmission system, enhancing the safety and reliability of the performance. Thus, regular maintenance and replacement ensure smooth and safe rides.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33403-69065

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