Transfer Low Planetary Ring Gear

About this product

The Transfer Low Planetary Ring Gear (#36273-34010), an integral part of the Drive-Chassis in the Transfer Gear system, plays a vital role in regulating and managing power distribution within your Toyota vehicle. This gear ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle while shifting gears. As a part of a complex system, the ring gear interacts with different elements in the transmission setup. Over time, usage and natural wear could lead to deterioration, which may cause issues in power transfer, impacting vehicular performance. Replacing it, preferably with Toyota's genuine parts for optimal compatibility, helps in maintaining the vehicle's functionality. Remember, genuine parts from Toyota also come with a solid parts warranty. The Transfer Low Planetary Ring Gear (#36273-34010) is a small component that significantly influences your vehicle's overall efficiency and safety, making it a component warranting attention.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36273-34010

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