Vertical Adjuster Gear

About this product

The Vertical Adjuster Gear (#72443-F4011), a crucial component in Toyota's Front Seat & Seat Track system, plays a significant role in determining the comfort and safety of the passengers. This part, essentially a mechanical cog, allows manual or powered adjustment of the seat's height, providing the ideal seating position for the occupant. It operates smoothly with other parts in the system, including the seat track and adjuster lever. However, with age or excessive use, the gear may wear down or break, impairing its function and the system's overall performance. This could result in an uncomfortable ride and potentially compromise the driver’s control over the vehicle. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement not only aids in vehicle compatibility but also comes backed by Toyota's authentic part warranty. Thus, maintaining the Vertical Adjuster Gear (#72443-F4011) isn't just about comfort, but also about safety and efficiency in your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72443-F4011

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