Assist Grip Assembly

About this product

The Assist Grip Assembly (#74610-17020-B2), a crucial part in the Seat & Seat Track system, fulfills an important part of the vehicle's safety system. A body part by classification, it aids passengers in maintaining balance, entering, or exiting the vehicle. By design, the Assist Grip Assembly (#74610-17020-B2) handles dynamic forces and pressure exerted during motion. Genuine Toyota parts such as these are recommended for perfect compatibility with your vehicle. With time, the grip can wear out or break, adversely affecting the passengers' balance and safety. A worn-out grip can compromise safety in unexpected situations such as sudden brakes or sharp turns. Therefore, periodic replacement is essential. Toyota backs all its genuine parts with a warranty, reinforcing the assurance of quality and safety. In conclusion, the Assist Grip Assembly (#74610-17020-B2) significantly contributes to the overall safety and comfort of the Seat & Seat Track system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 74610-22050-A0;74610-22050-26;74610-22050-12;74610-22050-07;74610-17020-E0;74610-17020-B1;74610-17020-A1;74610-12080-K0;74610-22050-K1;74610-22050-E3;74610-17020-01;74610-17020-04;74610-17020-22;74610-17020-A0;74610-22050-E2;74610-22050-E1;74610-22050-E0;74610-22050-B0;74610-22050-A2;74610-22050-A1 More
Part Number 74610-17020-B2

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