Door Assist Grip Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Door Assist Grip Assembly Left Hand (#74640-0C010-E0), a critical body part in the Armrest & Visor system, serves a vital role in enhancing the comfort and safety of Toyota vehicles. Its primary function is to provide support and stability for passengers while entering, exiting or during the journey. Designed for compatibility, genuine Toyota parts, like the Door Assist Grip Assembly Left Hand (#74640-0C010-E0), align perfectly and deliver exceptional performance. With time and use, the grip assembly can become worn, broken or inefficient, necessitating replacement. Ignoring this could potentially lead to passenger discomfort and safety risks. Genuine parts are backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, offering peace of mind. Ultimately, a well-maintained Door Assist Grip Assembly Left Hand (#74640-0C010-E0) contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride for all passengers.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74640-0C010-E0
Color_Name MD.OAK

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