Cap Grommet

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The Cap Grommet (#47256-0C010), a crucial Drive-Chassis part from Toyota Autoparts, is situated within the Brake Master Cylinder system. Its primary role is to form a seal, preventing any potential leaks in the brake fluid reservoir. This authentic Toyota part is tailored for vehicular compatibility, reducing the probability of malfunction. Like other parts, the Cap Grommet (#47256-0C010) is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reinforcing the reliability of your purchase. The Cap Grommet (#47256-0C010) should be periodically replaced due to wear and tear. If overlooked, an old or broken Cap Grommet (#47256-0C010) may fail to create a proper seal, leading to brake fluid leakage. This can potentially affect the braking efficiency, posing a safety risk. In essence, an operative Cap Grommet (#47256-0C010) is vital for the overall safety and efficiency of the Brake Master Cylinder system, ensuring your vehicle's braking system functions optimally.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47256-0C010

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