Rear Wiper Motor Grommet

About this product

The Rear Wiper Motor Grommet (#85143-02040), an integral component of the Rear Wiper system, serves a crucial role in safeguarding the electrical connections of the wiper assembly from external contaminants. As part of the system, this grommet forms a protective seal, preventing moisture and debris from causing potential electrical faults. Ordinarily, the Rear Wiper Motor Grommet (#85143-02040) is robust and durable, however, like any other component, it may deteriorate over time. When old or worn, the grommet may lose its sealing capability, leading to water ingress which can cause electrical shorts and impair the operation of the wiper system. Using genuine Toyota parts can help maintain vehicle compatibility, and it's important to remember that Toyota backs all genuine parts with a reliable warranty. In the context of overall system efficiency and safety, the Rear Wiper Motor Grommet (#85143-02040) plays a vital role by ensuring the unimpeded and reliable operation of the rear wiper, maintaining clear visibility in adverse weather conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85143-02040

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