Shift Lever Slide Cover Guide

About this product

The Shift Lever Slide Cover Guide (#35965-08010), a key component within the Drive-Chassis category, plays an essential role in the Shift Lever & Retainer system of a vehicle. This part's primary function is to guide and protect the shifting mechanism, facilitating smooth and precise gear changes. It works in tandem with the shift lever, slide cover, and other related components, helping maintain optimal functionality and efficiency. Without this component, the shift lever system might face wear and tear, leading to inefficient gear shifting or potential system failure. Regular replacement of this Toyota Autoparts item is necessary due to potential wear, clogging, or breakage over time. By investing in this genuine Toyota part, you not only ensure vehicle compatibility but also receive support from the Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In the long run, the Shift Lever Slide Cover Guide (#35965-08010) contributes significantly to the overall system efficiency, making your rides smoother and safer.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35965-08010

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