Wire Guide

About this product

The Wire Guide (#33635-68020), a fundamental Drive-Chassis part in the Control Shaft & Crossshaft system, plays a crucial role in organizing and directing the routing of various wires within the system. This auto part is essential for preventing wires from tangling or experiencing unnecessary wear and tear. A properly functioning Wire Guide (#33635-68020) allows optimal operation of the Control Shaft & Crossshaft system, supporting seamless coordination of the automobile's mechanical movements. However, if the Wire Guide (#33635-68020) becomes compromised over time or due to damage, wires could get entangled or frayed, which can lead to system malfunction or damage to other parts. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Wire Guide (#33635-68020) can help maintain vehicle compatibility and have the benefit of being backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the Wire Guide (#33635-68020) contributes to the overall vehicle's efficiency and safety, making it an invaluable component of the Control Shaft & Crossshaft system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33635-68020

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