Door Pull Handle

About this product

The Door Pull Handle (#74811-WB001), a crucial Body part in the Back Door Panel & Glass system, serves as a key interface between the vehicle's occupants and its doors. This component allows passengers to conveniently open and close the vehicle's back doors, contributing to a smooth and safe exit or entry. The Door Pull Handle (#74811-WB001) operates through a mechanical linkage that activates the door's latch mechanism. When pulled, it transmits force to the latch, disengaging it and allowing the door to open. However, like any other part, the Door Pull Handle (#74811-WB001) can wear out or break over time, thus affecting its performance. If left unattended, a faulty handle can lead to an inability to open or close the door correctly, posing potential safety risks. By using genuine Toyota Door Pull Handle (#74811-WB001)s, you can ensure optimal compatibility with your vehicle. They are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reflecting their quality and reliability. Regular replacement of this part contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle, enabling easy, reliable access to the vehicle's interior.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74811-WB001

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