Electrical Key Wire Harness

About this product

The Electrical Key Wire Harness (#89746-47050), a critical component in Toyota's Wireless Door Lock system, functions as the main conduit for electrical power and signals within the system. It connects different electrical components, facilitating the communication necessary for the system’s operation. Genuine Toyota parts play a key role in maintaining the seamless functionality of the system, offering perfect compatibility with your vehicle. The Electrical Key Wire Harness (#89746-47050) does not last forever and requires periodic replacement. As it ages, the wires can degrade or break, causing faulty signal transmission or power shorts. This can lead to a malfunctioning Wireless Door Lock system, making your vehicle less secure. With a new, genuine Toyota Electrical Key Wire Harness (#89746-47050), the Wireless Door Lock system operates at optimal efficiency, enhancing the overall safety of your vehicle. Plus, genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering further assurance of their quality and durability.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89746-47050

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