Heater Case Assembly

About this product

The Heater Case Assembly (#SU003-02012) in the Heating & Air Conditioning - Cooler Unit system of Toyota vehicles plays a crucial role. A genuine Toyota electrical part, it is the house for the heater core and directs the flow of hot air within the vehicle. It ensures the vehicle’s cabin stays warm and defrosts the windshield effectively. Over time, the Heater Case Assembly (#SU003-02012) may get worn out, less effective, or even break, adversely affecting the heating system's functionality. Ideally, it should be replaced periodically to maintain optimal operation. Remember, a broken or non-functional Heater Case Assembly (#SU003-02012) might result in poor heating, discomfort during cold weather, and decreased visibility due to a fogged windshield. By using a genuine Heater Case Assembly (#SU003-02012), compatibility with your Toyota vehicle is not an issue, and it comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. It is a critical part in maintaining the comfort and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-02012

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