Back Door Hinge Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Back Door Hinge Sub-Assembly (#68801-42050), a critical component in Toyota's Back Door Lock & Hinge system, essentially acts as a pivot point that enables the opening and closing of the car's back door. It is composed of multiple parts, each playing a role to permit smooth and controlled door movement. The usage of authentic Toyota parts like this one is important as they are designed specifically for vehicle compatibility and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the hinge may wear out, become stiff, or even break, impairing the door's operation and potentially compromising the vehicle's security. Timely replacement of a worn or faulty hinge is key to maintaining the system's optimum functionality and safety. Thus, the Back Door Hinge Sub-Assembly (#68801-42050) plays an essential role in the overall efficiency of your Toyota vehicle's door system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 68801-42050

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