Cup Holder #1

About this product

The Cup Holder #1 (#66991-35010-B0), a crucial part of the Rear Door Panel & Glass system, serves a primary role in providing convenient and secure storage for beverages during travel. Designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle, this genuine Toyota part fits seamlessly into the car's interior design. Built for enduring functionality, the Cup Holder #1 (#66991-35010-B0) relies on its sturdy structure to accommodate various container sizes without faltering. However, over time, the Cup Holder #1 (#66991-35010-B0) may wear out, break, or become clogged with debris. If left unattended, this could lead to spillage or instability of containers, potentially causing distractions or staining the vehicle's interior. Hence, periodic replacement is recommended. Under Toyota's genuine parts warranty, a fresh, reliable Cup Holder #1 (#66991-35010-B0) not only enhances passenger comfort but also contributes to maintaining a clean and orderly vehicle interior. This part, while minor, aids in promoting safety by minimizing potential distractions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66991-35010-B0
Color_Name DK.GRAY

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