Hood Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Hood Sub-Assembly (#53301-08060), a crucial Body part in the Hood & Front Fender system, primarily protects the vehicle's engine and other essential components from external elements. Produced by Toyota Autoparts, this Hood Sub-Assembly (#53301-08060) is designed to perfectly fit Toyota vehicles and comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In operation, the Hood Sub-Assembly (#53301-08060) ensures that the engine is shielded from debris, weather, and potential damage. However, like all mechanical parts, it requires periodic replacement due to wear and tear. Failure to replace a damaged or old Hood Sub-Assembly (#53301-08060) can expose the engine to potentially damaging elements and reduce the vehicle's overall safety. By maintaining the integrity of the Hood Sub-Assembly (#53301-08060), you are contributing to the overall efficiency of the vehicle and ensuring the safety of its vital components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53301-08060

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