Rope Hook Assembly

About this product

The Rope Hook Assembly (#66310-04010) is a crucial Body part located in the Rear Body Floor & Fender system of your Toyota vehicle. This piece plays a vital role in securing and anchoring loads, contributing significantly to safety and efficiency during transit. It functions by providing a firm anchoring point for ropes or straps, preventing any cargo movement while the vehicle is in operation. If this part becomes old or damaged, the risk of cargo shifting or falling increases, potentially leading to accidents or damage. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Rope Hook Assembly (#66310-04010) is necessary. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Rope Hook Assembly (#66310-04010) contributes to optimal vehicle compatibility and is backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. This part's functionality and safety make it an essential component in the Rear Body Floor & Fender system of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66310-04010

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