Front Hook

About this product

The Front Hook (#51961-35080), a crucial body part in the Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover system of Toyota vehicles, plays a primary role in maintaining your vehicle's stability and balance while in motion. As part of the suspension system, the Front Hook (#51961-35080) works in tandem with other closely related parts like the crossmember and under cover to provide a smooth, leveled driving experience. Regular maintenance of the Front Hook (#51961-35080) is essential due to the stress and wear it encounters. Aging Front Hook (#51961-35080)s can lead to an unstable and uncomfortable ride, and in worst cases, potential failures in the suspension system. When replacing this part, opting for Genuine Toyota parts not only assures compatibility with your vehicle but is also backed by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. A well-maintained Front Hook (#51961-35080) ultimately contributes to the vehicle's overall safety and efficiency, providing you with a smoother, safer drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51961-35080

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