Rope Hook

About this product

The Rope Hook (#66311-0E010-A0), a vital component in the Deck Board & Deck Trim Cover system, is responsible for securing loads on your Toyota vehicle. As part of the system, this body part is designed to firmly hold ropes or straps, ensuring the stable transportation of items. Genuine Toyota Rope Hook (#66311-0E010-A0)s are specifically tailored for compatibility with your vehicle, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the Rope Hook (#66311-0E010-A0) may wear out or break, potentially causing the load to shift or fall off the vehicle during transit, leading to unsafe driving conditions or damage to your cargo. Therefore, periodic replacement is essential to maintain the system's effectiveness and safety. Ultimately, the Rope Hook (#66311-0E010-A0) significantly enhances the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle, by providing secure and stable cargo management.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66311-0E010-A0
Color_Name FLAXEN

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