Rope Hook Inner

About this product

The Rope Hook Inner (#66312-0C010), an integral component part of Toyota's Body Rear Body Floor & Fender and Body Rear Body Side Panel systems, serves a crucial role in securing load and ensuring tight, stable connections. This part, when functioning optimally, is actively engaged when the vehicle is in transit and under load, providing a secure anchor point for ropes or straps. Over time, the Rope Hook Inner (#66312-0C010) can be subjected to wear and tear, compromising its efficacy. A worn or damaged Rope Hook Inner (#66312-0C010) can cause instability, potentially leading to load shift or loss - a critical safety concern. Hence, periodic replacement with genuine parts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is highly recommended for maintaining vehicle compatibility. In essence, the Rope Hook Inner (#66312-0C010)'s proper functionality directly affects the efficiency and safety of the systems in which it operates by providing secure load anchorage.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66312-0C010

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