About this product

The Hose (#23239-16010), a critical component in the Body Fuel Tank & Tube system and the Engine-Fuel Fuel Injection System of Toyota, is designed to transport fuel efficiently from the tank to the engine. Genuine Toyota hoses, which are backed by the company's warranty, are specifically tailored to fit Toyota vehicles and provide optimal compatibility. These hoses, however, are not indestructible and need to be replaced overtime. Aging and wear can lead to clogs, leaks or breaks, compromising the vehicle's fuel efficiency and potentially risking safety. Failure to replace a malfunctioning hose could result in poor fuel economy, reduced engine performance or even a fuel leak. The Hose (#23239-16010) is a crucial part in maintaining optimal fuel flow, directly impacting the vehicle's performance and safety. By replacing old hoses with genuine Toyota parts, you are investing in your vehicle's longevity and efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 23239-02010
Part Number 23239-16010

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