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The Hose (#90445-12078), an essential auto part in Toyota's Engine-Fuel Radiator & Water Outlet system and the Engine-Fuel Vacuum Piping system, plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation of these systems. During operation, the Hose (#90445-12078) facilitates the flow of coolant and fuel, respectively, in the aforementioned systems. Akin to the veins in a human body, the Hose (#90445-12078) keeps these systems running by ensuring the efficient circulation of essential fluids. As the Hose (#90445-12078) ages, it may become clogged or develop cracks, leading to leaks, system inefficiency, or severe mechanical failure. Replacement with a genuine Toyota Hose (#90445-12078), backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is crucial for maintaining system compatibility and vehicle performance. Ultimately, a properly functioning Hose (#90445-12078) contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of the total auto system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90445-12796;90445-55020;90445-12905;90445-12730;90445-12138;90445-12033;90445-12043;90445-12048;90445-12054;90445-12063;90445-12049;90099-33466;90099-33503;90099-33507;90445-12001;90044-45410;16470-54230;16405-54220;90099-12078;90445-12002;90445-12003;90445-12007;90445-12018;90445-12023;90445-12065;90445-12080;90445-12097;90445-12100;90445-12101;90445-12115 More
Part Number 90445-12078

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