Air Cleaner Hose Left Hand

About this product

The Air Cleaner Hose Left Hand (#17882-F4010), a critical component in Toyota's Engine-Fuel category, plays a vital role in the Air Cleaner system. It functions by directing the flow of air into the engine's intake manifold, aiding the proper combustion of fuel. Genuine Toyota parts like this are specifically designed to be compatible with other vehicle systems, and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The importance of periodic replacement cannot be overstated. A worn out or clogged Air Cleaner Hose Left Hand (#17882-F4010) could restrict the flow of air, leading to improper fuel combustion, reduced engine efficiency and increased emissions. Broken or non-functional hoses may also cause unfiltered air to enter the engine, leading to premature wear. Ultimately, maintaining a well-functioning Air Cleaner Hose Left Hand (#17882-F4010) contributes significantly to overall engine efficiency and longevity, ensuring a cleaner, safer and more economical operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17882-F4010

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