Air Hose #5

About this product

The Air Hose #5 (#17345-46040), a pivotal Engine-Fuel part in the Air Cleaner system for Toyota vehicles, performs a key role in directing clean, filtered air to the engine. This air mixture is necessary for combustion, which powers the engine and ultimately propels the vehicle. The use of genuine Toyota Autoparts, such as the Air Hose #5 (#17345-46040), ensures compatibility and optimal performance while being backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With time and use, an Air Hose #5 (#17345-46040) can become worn, clogged, or damaged, potentially restricting the flow of air to the engine. This can lead to poor fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and even engine damage. Regular replacement of the Air Hose #5 (#17345-46040) is therefore essential to maintain the health and efficiency of your vehicle's engine. With a functioning Air Hose #5 (#17345-46040), your car's Air Cleaner system operates at peak efficiency, promoting overall vehicle performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17345-46040

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