Air Cleaner Hose Assembly with Resonator

About this product

The Air Cleaner Hose Assembly with Resonator (#17880-20080), a critical part of the Engine-Fuel category, works within the Air Cleaner system of a vehicle. This component facilitates the smooth intake of clean air into the engine, ensuring optimal combustion and reducing noise. It involves mechanisms like the resonator, which helps in mitigating intake roar that's common in cars with powerful engines. However, this part isn't immune to wear and tear. As time passes, it could become clogged or cease to function properly, leading to a reduced air supply, increased noise, and engine inefficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota auto parts is essential for the compatibility and longevity of your vehicle. Remember, genuine parts are protected by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. By maintaining the Air Cleaner Hose Assembly with Resonator (#17880-20080), you significantly contribute to the overall efficiency of the vehicle and create a quieter operation, enhancing your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17880-20080

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