Flexible Hose Assembly Right Hand with Bracket

About this product

The Flexible Hose Assembly Right Hand with Bracket (#47330-14011), an integral Drive-Chassis part in the Brake Tube & Clamp system, is paramount to the safe operation of your Toyota vehicle. This essential component facilitates the transfer of brake fluid, assisting in the efficient triggering of the braking mechanism. Over time, the hose assembly may wear out, be prone to clogging, or even break, which can lead to compromised brake performance, posing a risk to vehicle safety. The prudent replacement of this part can prevent such scenarios. Genuine Toyota parts not only offer superior compatibility with your vehicle but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part, playing a crucial role in the braking system, contributes significantly to the overall safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 47330-14010;47330-24010
Part Number 47330-14011

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