Ventilation Hose Assembly

About this product

The Ventilation Hose Assembly (#12260-0V040), a pivotal component in the Engine-Fuel category, plays a key role in maintaining your Toyota's engine performance. This auto part expels excess gases from the crankcase, preventing pressure build-up that could impair the engine's function. Genuine Toyota Ventilation Hose Assemblies, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, provide optimal compatibility with your vehicle. A periodic replacement of this assembly is crucial, since an old or clogged hose can hinder the expulsion of gases, leading to potential engine damage and decreased fuel efficiency. In the event of a non-functional hose, harmful gases may accumulate, posing a risk to your vehicle's engine and the environment. By ensuring effective gas expulsion, the Ventilation Hose Assembly (#12260-0V040) offers significant contribution to your car's overall engine health, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 12260-0V040

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