Electric Vehicle Water By-Passenger Hose #2

About this product

The Electric Vehicle Water By-Passenger Hose #2 (#G9372-0R010), a crucial component of the EV Cooling system, operates by directing coolant around the engine block, thus moderating the engine temperature during operation. This bypass hose, particularly genuine parts, enhances vehicle compatibility, and comes with the added benefit of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When this part turns old or breaks, coolant flow can be hindered, leading to overheating, potential engine damage, and compromised safety. It is therefore essential to replace it periodically for optimum functionality and safety. Ultimately, the Electric Vehicle Water By-Passenger Hose #2 (#G9372-0R010) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of the cooling system, ensuring a smooth and safe vehicle operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G9372-0R010

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