Fuel Hose

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The Fuel Hose (#95337-06020), a critical auto part in Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in the Body Fuel Tank & Tube, Drive-Chassis Rear Axle Housing & Differential, and Engine-Fuel Injection Nozzle systems. Its main function is to transport fuel from the tank to the engine, and within the engine to the appropriate cylinders. Like all auto parts, this hose needs periodic replacement. If left neglected, it could grow old or get clogged, potentially leading to fuel inefficiency, dangerous leaks, or complete engine failure. Opting for genuine Toyota parts can significantly reduce these risks, as they are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly and come with a Toyota genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a functional fuel hose is vital for the smooth operation and safety of your Toyota vehicle, contributing to optimal fuel efficiency and preventing hazardous leaks.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90445-12136;77259-01020;77259-01021;77259-16040;77259-23030;77259-38010;77279-10020;90445-12259;90447-12093;95331-06011;95331-06013;95331-06014;95331-06019;95331-06020;95332-06011;95332-06012;95332-06013;77279-10030;95332-06014;95332-06015;95332-06016;95332-06017;95332-06018;95332-06020;95333-06011;95333-06012;95333-06013;95333-06014;95333-06015;95333-06016;95333-06017;95333-06018;95333-06019;95333-06020;95334-06011;77255-20270;90445-12059;90445-12034;90080-44007;90080-44006;90080-44005;77279-10050;23273-30180;23802-74100;23811-34040;41101-33030;41101-44010 More
Part Number 95337-06020

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