Inverter Cooling Outlet Hose #1

About this product

The Inverter Cooling Outlet Hose #1 (#G922C-47010), an essential electrical part in the Inverter Cooling system, plays a critical role in managing the heat produced by your vehicle's inverter. As the inverter operates, this genuine Toyota component channels the heat away from the unit, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. Over time, however, this hose may become clogged or deteriorate due to wear and tear, impacting its performance. A faulty hose can result in inefficient cooling, leading to overheating and potential damage to the inverter. Genuine Toyota parts are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle, with the added reassurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Inverter Cooling Outlet Hose #1 (#G922C-47010) contributes significantly to the effectiveness of the cooling system, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Regular replacement is thus a prudent maintenance step to ensure reliable performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G922C-47010

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