Rear Washer Hose

About this product

The Rear Washer Hose (#90099-33496) is an integral component in the Electrical Rear Washer and the Electrical Windshield Washer systems of a vehicle. This hose functions by channeling washer fluid under pressure from the washer reservoir to the washer nozzles, enabling effective window cleaning during operation. Over time, however, this hose can become worn, brittle, or clogged. When this happens, the flow of washer fluid is impeded, which can compromise visibility and safety. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is essential to maintain optimal performance and safety. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, you're not only ensuring compatibility with your vehicle but also benefiting from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Rear Washer Hose (#90099-33496), like all genuine Toyota parts, is designed to perform at its best, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's washer system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90099-33496

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