Fuel Tank To Filler Pipe Hose Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Fuel Tank To Filler Pipe Hose Sub-Assembly (#77408-35020) is a vital component in your Toyota's Fuel Tank & Tube system. This Body part has the primary role of transferring fuel from the filler pipe into the fuel tank. It ensures the smooth and efficient flow of fuel, without which, the vehicle would be unable to operate. Genuine parts like this hose sub-assembly are designed for optimal compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Furthermore, they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty offering additional peace of mind. Over time, this hose can age, become clogged or broken, making it a part that requires periodic replacement. Ignoring this could lead to a poor fuel flow to your vehicle's engine, affecting its performance and even causing potential damage. By maintaining the functionality of the Fuel Tank To Filler Pipe Hose Sub-Assembly (#77408-35020), you are investing in the overall efficiency of your vehicle's fuel system, contributing to safer and more reliable vehicle operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77408-35020

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