Water Hose Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Water Hose Sub-Assembly (#87209-08010) is a significant part of the Heating & Air Conditioning - Water Piping system in Toyota vehicles. This electrical part plays a vital role in circulating coolant to regulate the engine temperature while the vehicle is in operation. This helps to prevent the engine from overheating, thus preserving the efficiency of the vehicle. Being an essential part, it is crucial to use only genuine Toyota parts for better vehicle compatibility. The Water Hose Sub-Assembly (#87209-08010), like any other part, ages over time and may become clogged or broken, affecting its performance. A dysfunctional hose can lead to the engine overheating, causing potential damage. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is recommended. Toyota's genuine parts are backed by a warranty, providing peace of mind to customers. Ultimately, the Water Hose Sub-Assembly (#87209-08010) contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system in your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87209-08010

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