Water By-Passenger Hose #3

About this product

The Water By-Passenger Hose #3 (#16267-0T180), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Oil Cooler & Tube(Cvt) system, performs a key role in vehicle operation. It directs coolant flow, effectively managing the engine’s temperature during operation. Compatible with your Toyota, the genuine part helps to maintain optimal performance. With age or damage, this hose could become obstructed or broken, impairing coolant flow. This can lead to engine overheating, resulting in potential damage. Replacement with a genuine Toyota part, backed by our parts warranty, is highly recommended. In summary, the Water By-Passenger Hose #3 (#16267-0T180) is vital for engine temperature control and overall safety of the Oil Cooler & Tube(Cvt) system, contributing to your vehicle's efficient operation. Regular maintenance, including replacement, is critical to avoid significant mechanical issues.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16267-0T180

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