Water By-Passenger Hose #3

About this product

The Water By-Passenger Hose #3 (#16267-0V060), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Oil Cooler & Tube system of Toyota vehicles, primarily serves to redirect coolant in automatic transmission systems. As the transmission operates, this hose helps to stabilize temperature by keeping coolant flowing smoothly, preventing overheating. However, this part, like any other, can wear out over time. If the Water By-Passenger Hose #3 (#16267-0V060) becomes old, clogged, or broken, it can hinder the coolant's flow, potentially leading to overheating and transmission damage. Therefore, it's essential to periodically replace this component. Choosing genuine Toyota parts for replacements not only assures compatibility but is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This Water By-Passenger Hose #3 (#16267-0V060) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your car by ensuring a stable operating temperature, protecting your vehicle from costly damages.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16267-0V060

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