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The Housing (#28110-34080), a crucial Engine-Fuel component in the Starter system of Toyota vehicles, has a fundamental role in protecting the starter motor and its internal components from the engine's harsh working conditions. This robust casing shields the starter, ensuring the smooth initiation of the engine ignition process. Functioning in a challenging environment, the Housing (#28110-34080) is subject to wear and tear, and periodic replacement is vital to prevent potential breakdowns. When the Housing (#28110-34080) becomes old or damaged, it may impair the starter motor's performance, leading to potential engine-starting issues. Genuine Toyota Autoparts are specially designed for compatibility with your vehicle, delivering optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these parts, providing an extra level of confidence. By maintaining the integrity of the starter motor, the Housing (#28110-34080) significantly enhances the overall efficiency of your Toyota vehicle's engine, contributing to a safer, more reliable driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 28115-34080
Part Number 28110-34080

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