Rear Clutch Hub

About this product

The Rear Clutch Hub (#35654-36011) is a critical component in the Brake Band & Multiple Disc Clutch system of a vehicle's Drive-Chassis. This Toyota Autoparts product plays a pivotal role by transferring power from the engine to the transmission. It does this by engaging and disengaging the clutch discs, facilitating a smooth transition between gears during operation. Over time, the Rear Clutch Hub (#35654-36011) may wear down or become damaged, leading to a loss in performance or system malfunction. Replacement with Toyota's genuine parts not only offers compatibility assurance but is also supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If a Rear Clutch Hub (#35654-36011) malfunctions, the vehicle's transmission could fail, leading to potential safety issues. Timely replacement ensures optimal vehicle performance, promoting both efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 35654-36010
Part Number 35654-36011

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