Front Coil Spring Insulator Upper

About this product

The Front Coil Spring Insulator Upper (#48157-42030), a significant Drive-Chassis part in the Front Spring & Shock Absorber system, plays a vital role in maintaining the smooth operation of your Toyota vehicle. It functions to dampen vibrations and noise generated from the vehicle's suspension system, creating a comfortable and quiet ride. This is achieved via the absorption and distribution of shock and vibration energy through the insulator. However, like all car parts, the Front Coil Spring Insulator Upper (#48157-42030) is subject to wear and tear. When it becomes old or damaged, the ride comfort may be compromised due to increased vibration and noise. This could also lead to potential damage to other suspension components. Genuine Toyota Front Coil Spring Insulator Upper (#48157-42030)s are recommended for compatibility and are covered by the Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, the Front Coil Spring Insulator Upper (#48157-42030) contributes significantly to the efficiency and comfort of your drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48157-42030

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