Intake Pipe Insulator

About this product

The Intake Pipe Insulator (#17117-0H030), an Engine-Fuel component in the Manifold system, plays a crucial role in optimizing engine performance. This part functions by mitigating heat transfer from the engine to the air intake charge, thereby enhancing combustion efficiency. The Insulator is made up of heat-resistant materials that help withstand high temperatures without degrading, ensuring the engine's optimal operation. However, like other automotive parts, it doesn't last forever. As it ages, its effectiveness diminishes and it can become a bottleneck to engine performance. Toyota recommends using only genuine Toyota parts for your vehicle to maintain compatibility and performance. Genuine parts like the Intake Pipe Insulator (#17117-0H030) are backed by Toyota's comprehensive parts warranty. When the Insulator is in good operational condition, it significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of your vehicle. A well-maintained or newly replaced Insulator can result in improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and enhanced engine performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17117-0H030

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